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Hello, and welcome to the best provider of home loans in Tamworth, Armidale, Gunnedah and beyond. I’m Doug Neill – a senior mortgage broker who can help you finance real estate in Tamworth and the surrounding areas.

I’m a local man myself, with over 20 years of experience running my own businesses. This means I understand your needs, whether you’re browsing residential Tamworth houses for sale or considering an investment property.

It also means that I have a network of lenders, accountants and lawyers that I’ve come to know and trust over the past 2 decades. Before opening this business, I spent many years in the retail and customer service niches – and got to know these professionals closely. This means I’m well-positioned to give you sound advice on everything concerning Tamworth real estate, from the best financing options to lawyers that will make acquiring property a breeze.

We understand that finding and acquiring a home or commercial space can be stressful. We do the research, the negotiating and the number crunching; we even put you in touch with the best real estate agents in Tamworth if you ask us to.

In other words, a broker is certainly worth considering, even when you’re perfectly capable of getting a mortgage yourself. It’s the easiest, most stress-free way to finance your property while getting expert advice and support on every step of the way.

We specialise in refinancing for existing homeowners, supporting investors building property portfolios and helping self-employed borrowers secure a property loan.

Once we’ve found the right lender and your deal is done, we’ll take care of everything for you, saving you the time, stress and hassle of admin and paperwork.

Investment Property

We help investors to build a strong property portfolio.


We help existing homeowners refinance their loans to reduce debt and improve cash flow.

First home-buyers

We help you at every step to own your first home.

Financial Advisors

We work closely with your financial advisors to develop your borrowing strategy and structure your loan efficiently.

Market Advice

We give you in-depth, up-to-date information about the mortgage market.


Find out what’s possible and we can help build a property strategy to reach your goals.

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